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Applying to Yale School of Management

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Yale school of management is one of the most renowned universities for its full-time MBA program. It was founded to advance a vision of a better manner to educate leaders – multisectoral, purposeful, and entrepreneurial- focusing on how leaders can contribute to society and advance organizational objectives. Applying to MBA programs can be complicated; there are several tasks to manage, prioritize, and complete.

Our mission is to educate leaders for business and society. That mission is deeply wound into all of our activities, from classroom pedagogy to the choices we make in managing our campus. We invite you to engage with us—whether you want to learn more about our degree programs, find an executive education course, plan a visit to the school, or keep up with the latest news. *


PERSONAL INFORMATION – The admission committee wants to understand the critical elements of your background that provide information for the opportunities and choices that have shaped your personal, academic, and professional experiences.

ACADEMIC RECORD – A four-year bachelor’s degree is required from an accredited U.S. university or the international equivalent. International students with a three-year degree are eligible to apply. College transcripts are a must. Non-English transcripts need to be translated into English.

STANDARDIZED TESTS – Applicants must submit test scores of the Executive Assessment (E.A.), GRE, or GMAT. For applying, there is no minimum score that is required.

LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION – Yale School of Management asks for two professional letters of recommendation. One recommendation should be from a person in a position to evaluate your performance at your most recent job.

BEHAVIORAL ASSESSMENT – The Yale School of Management looks for applicants with intellectual curiosity and broadmindedness representing varied interests and diversity. The behavioral assessment is an online admissions tool that measures intrapersonal and interpersonal competencies linked with business school success. It’s a forced-choice module that should be completed in a single sitting and takes 20-25 minutes.

ESSAYS – Yale school of management requires two essays (500 words maximum) and a shorter piece on your area of focus (150-250 words). There is also an optional essay (200 words maximum) for applicants who wish to provide further explanations on any aspects.


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