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Applying to Oxford

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Oxford University is one of the world’s most renowned and esteemed research schools. The QS world ranking placed Oxford as the best university in Europe and the second-best university in the world. The University of Oxford has an outstanding global reputation for teaching, research, and contributions to society. We combine rich history and tradition with the innovative and forward-thinking approach of a modern university. *

The application and admission processes and requirements for Oxford can be very overwhelming. The academic departments look for students with the commitment, ability, curiosity, and enthusiasm required to pursue high-level education.

Oxford University comprises a range of six permanent private halls, 39 semi-autonomous constituent colleges, and a variety of academic departments, which are organized into four divisions.


UCAS APPLICATION FORM – If you want to study at Oxford University, you must complete an online UCAS application form. UCAS application asks for personal details, academic details, personal statements, and references.

ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS – For courses that require AAA, the qualifications for the 12th grade studied with either the ISC board or CBSE board are needed. The overall grade should be a minimum of 90%, with 95% and above in four subjects and 85% and above in the fifth subject.

ENGLISH PROFICIENCY TESTS – The overall IELTS score for applying to Oxford university is a minimum of 7.0 band score for undergraduate programs. For TOEFL, the minimum score requirement is 100.

SUPER CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES – These are the kind of activities that go beyond the academic curriculum and classroom. These activities are relevant to the course you want to apply to. These are also important to include in the personal statement to showcase your independent learning and passion for the subject. Some examples of super curricular activities include reading books, watching TED talks, volunteering and interning, and listening to podcasts.

LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION – One letter of recommendation is required from an academic teacher. This could also be from your guidance counsellor/head of school. Make sure to ask for references from teachers who can speak authoritatively about your academic profile and can talk about your abilities and skills.

PERSONAL STATEMENT – A personal statement showcases your achievements and motivation. Make sure that 80% focus is on academic matters, and the remaining 20% should display your extra-curricular activities. Oxford wants to learn about your potential to succeed at the university, and the personal statement helps the admission committee understand if you will be a great fit or not.


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