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Harvard Returns In The Fall


Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences plans to restart on-campus life this fall in full swing, holding in-person classes with total density. The news was announced by Edgerly family Dean Claudine Gay, laying out the details of the proposed return.

Regulations To Release Soon

As they prepare to reopen, Harvard’s schools will release their regulations. In a letter to the Harvard community, President Larry Bacow, Provost Alan Garber, and Executive Vice President Katie Lapp stated that the University is aiming for August 2, when faculty, staff, and researchers will be permitted to return to campus, assuming the pandemic to be receded.
The University will update and upgrade its coronavirus regulations as per the requirements in the future. The fall planning update coincides with extended vaccine distribution plans at the state and federal levels and campus reopening protocols that rely on extensive testing, tracking, and de-densification.

Level 4 to Reopen With Full Density

The College is now functioning at Reopening Level 4: Lime, which permits

  • Specific residential gatherings
  • Athletics
  • Performance-practice activities
  • Outdoor programs sponsored by the College, houses, and yards.
  • Some laboratories have reopened for in-person study.
  • Undergraduates have received financial and research support from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) to continue their work on and off-campus.

Government Widens Vaccination Plans

With 15% of Massachusetts’ population being fully immunized against the coronavirus, Gov. Charlie Baker desires to vaccinate 4 million people by July 4. President Joe Biden had also announced a strategy to make the vaccination available to all adults in the United States starting May 1. Gay stated that fall planning would continue to evolve and adapt to state and local data on case counts, disease mutations, and other relevant factors.
FAS staff members working remotely will begin to switch to in-person operations on August 2, following the University’s scheduled return-to-campus date. Some employees, particularly those involved in student life and learning, will return earlier as part of summer and fall preparations. According to Gay, returning to school will be difficult for all FAS community members following a year of financial, mental, and bodily suffering caused by the pandemic.

Pandemic Protocols To Release Soon On The Website

The final plans will be announced by late May and will include precise information on re-entry protocols, housing details, public health protocols, financial aid updates, and other matters. More COVID-19 related updates are available on the University’s website.
Visit https://college.harvard.edu/ourpathforward for more info.

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