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How To Choose The Best Universities For Masters In The US?

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The Process of Elimination

Self-awareness is a valuable tool for the college application process, particularly when it comes to studying overseas. An experienced counselor will dissect and break down the entire process, giving a critical perspective to understand the long-term impact of the choices early in the application process. Through this article, one will better understand the admissions process, which can define the ‘perfect’ university for a student.

Applying to Colleges, Universities

It is best to have a pick from at least thirty universities on parameters like program, rankings, course curriculum, major/minor, etc., which will be grounds for the student to sort through carefully through research. Most students pick a varsity purely on ranking, which could be folly, especially if the course is not highly rated, yet the varsity has a high ranking on other parameters. This is an aspect where the right balance can make the difference between a happy experience or not, depending on other factors. If the student wishes to go at this step alone, one would do well to rely on word of mouth and seek reviews, especially from senior students and extended family. This is an excellent avenue if one does not or chooses not to take the help of an academic counselor.

Life at the University

Considering that one would spend at least one whole year or more on campus, it would be prudent to research the campus culture, seek online reviews and chat with the current students and the alumni to get a realistic picture of the campus ambiance. Public universities tend to have students from public high schools, where individuals from different backgrounds would be a part of the culture. In contrast, private school students are used to a compact classroom and more personal attention from the teacher.

Cost of Study

Having subsidized college fees can be a boon if your parents need to take out a second mortgage on their home to send you to college with three other college-ready children. Decide your budget right around the time or shortly after deciding to study abroad. If your parents have saved up for your education, you will have a much smoother ride, as fees are essential in the decision-making process. Most colleges in the US will extend scholarships in the form of tuition waivers and other grants, paving the way for the student to take up the offer of admission. If you feel that your own contribution will not be sufficient to meet your fee deficit, please do ask for enhanced scholarship bourses, with due reason, of course.

Top Recruiters

In researching the university, the best way to calculate the return on investment and brand bankability would be to find out the companies that visit the campus for placements. Does the varsity have long-term tie-ups with Amazon, Oracle, Tesla, and other brands? If the answer is yes, you can be confident that the course on offer actually delivers its promise. And the key after graduation would be to have experience across brands to further the focus of overseas education. So if the Placement division has exciting tie-ups and campus placements, then that university must make it to your final selection list.

Average Placements and Packages

Given the solid expense of overseas education, the other fact is that most students borrow heavily to fund their dreams. Eventually, the loan repayment will kick in, and over time, the interest too will have accrued. So it is a great idea to have a fair chance of being employed right after college, so one can meet their familial commitments.


Lastly, if at all, there is a chance to work in close proximity with industry giants while at university, that is a utopian ideal that can actually reap rich dividends in terms of placements. It is known that Detroit is the hub for the automotive sector, so for a Mechatronics/Robotics/Mechanical Engineering aspirant, it would be advantageous to get admission to the University of Michigan at Detroit, Ann Arbor, or even Dearborn. The same goes for Silicon Valley, the mecca for Computer Science/Engineerings and allied discipline aspirants. San Jose State University and the University of California at Berkley, LA, San Diego are much sought-after locations owing to their proximity to the Valley.

It is essential to take a holistic view towards picking the universities that will make it to your final selection list as you apply for graduate or even undergraduate study. The return on investment and fidelity of the credentials are vital features of paramount importance, as the point of the study would be the empowerment of the student to meet professional and personal goals.

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