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Make the most of your summer break


If you are considering applying to Top Colleges in the US, UK, Canada, & Germany, summer break can be great opportunity to strengthen your college profile.

Summer break which essentially equivocates to a substantial chunk of time can allow you to focus on the following 3 which can transform your application strength:

#1 Double Down : It can be a great opportunity to build on activities which you are passionate about whether it is serving your community, doing research, reading, taking online courses and more. The strategy can allow you to back your pitch to the college admissions committee by providing loads of evidence about your interest area.

#2 Explore New Avenues : Summers can also present an interesting opportunity to go after activities which you always wanted to, were intriqued by but never had the had time to. Examples include: Learning a new language, taking music lessons, starting a music band, travel/explore different cultures, learn cooking, and loads more. Admissions Committees at Top US Colleges are looking for students who have a variety of interests and can approach a problem/challenge with unique perspectives.

#3 Test The Waters : Many a times students are conflicted about what they would like to pursue in college and thats absolutely normal! These window of time can allow you to test the waters: take on projects, courses, attend summer camps focused on a variety of interest areas – singing, physics, writing and help you put your mind at ease and rally around your interests with a lot of self belief and confidence.

Finally, colleges would love to learn about how you use time and making great use of the summer break will allow you to demonstrate just that in addition to sharpening your focus.

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