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Profile Building for College – Build your personal brand, the CollegePass way

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The high school years play a role in determine the route you will take, as a student, as a professional and, of course, as an individual. That’s not to say that your future becomes predetermined by your choices in high school in the long term. However, high school years can be pretty impactful in the college admissions process. And this is precisely the reason that most parents begin scouting for the right college counsellor for their child/ward, as early as 8th grade, to get a head start on building the right profile.

For starters, a solid GPA in high school can be a real asset when you apply to top-ranked programs in the country, scholarships, student aid or even offset an average SAT score. Your personal brand gains increasing significance for your college application due to the increasing competition to top colleges and the Ivy League. The key is to keep oneself apart from the crowd, showcase your best qualities and minimize any blindspots through expert profile building.

Step 1 – SWOT Analysis

Be honest with yourself, take a hard look at your own profile, and be your best cheerleader and your own critic too. Identifying your strengths and playing to them with activities that build and expand an already natural affinity is a great way to position yourself. Being a problem solver who seeks order and defined rules makes for a fabulous calling card when applying to fields like Mathematics, Chemistry, and Computer Science, which employs this faculty for higher cognitive skills. So map your strengths, identify your weaknesses, pinpoint opportunities where you can develop your existent talents and affinities and isolate any aspects that may need monitoring.

Step 2 – Measured Impact, Maximum Locus

Did you write to your local Congressman to advocate school lunches for the underprivileged? Were you able to garner support for your cause, campaigning through your school or local community? Has the status quo changed? If yes, then this would be a perfect example of measured impact. Leadership skills are highlighted through such activities, aside from keen intellectual ability, effective communication skills and people skills, all of which are critical life hacks that have a high-value impact on one’s personality.

Step 3 – Sustained Excellence

There is no dearth of literature on the one aspect that is repeatedly highlighted throughout one’s life by parents, caregivers, teachers, authorities, bosses, and the list goes on! The infinitesimal value of consistent performance, especially in terms of academic coursework, cannot be emphasized enough. Remember, universities want students who will stay the course and complete the program, so there has to be a particular affinity for academic rigour.

Step 4 – Demonstrating Growth

There is no reason to simply rest on your laurels, especially in high school, where one has ample resources and activities to build one’s profile. Growth is inevitable when one has explored every linear avenue for expansion. Similarly, moving from primary to intermediate, to advanced, and then the expert level of proficiency is indicative of a successful student. Be it a foreign language, a hobby or even an immersion activity, vintage is the keyword to impressing that discerning Admissions committee.

A creative storyteller with an ability to speak Russian, Mandarin and Hindi with the same ease as one tackles Advanced Calculus at the AP level makes for a prize catch if the profile is seen through the viewfinder of the college admissions team. As an applicant, your entire application will be oriented towards presenting a composite profile of your persona, with a clear and defined ethos, values and goals. Through one’s activities, engagements and repertoire, a student’s entire goal throughout the application process would be to underline and emphasize those attributes that will align them with their chosen university’s ‘ideal’ candidate profile. This means the entire process of building your profile would be to orient yourself to fitting in with your dream varsity’s culture, right from high school itself, as early as 8th grade onwards.

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