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Statement of Purpose, Letters of Recommendation, Essays For Master’s and Bachelor’s – Study Abroad

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This is a quick guide while tackling the application requirements for your study abroad application.

Choose your Recommender Wisely

From an expert viewpoint, a letter of recommendation is a prized document that attests to your candidature for that coveted admission. The recommendation given by your favorite teacher, professor, and community service supervisor will be a valuable tool for the university to know you from an objective perspective. And this is precisely the reason you will need to exercise judicious caution in choosing your recommenders. Use the common denominator principle to narrow your search by identifying common ground in line with your chosen discipline or traits you would like to highlight in your profile.

You will want to get a recommendation from a professor who taught and gave you a positive assessment for a subject core to your chosen graduate discipline. Similarly, if you have undertaken project work or research publications pertaining to your chosen discipline, be sure to have a recommendation from this resource.

However, if you have not had any experience in line with your chosen discipline, you can adopt the highlight profile approach.

For example: If you are a Mechanical Engineering student, you will likely have little or no experience in programming or Computation. However, you will have done well in subjects like Engineering Mathematics or even taking some classes through Coursera or Udemy on Programming and Data Science. Your approach would be to highlight your stellar grades in subjects that are of common overlap between the two interdisciplinary branches.

So as you see, the goal of a recommendation is to highlight and endorse your brand, which will best align with your dream university. This is one of the many steps to gain a positive outcome for your admission process.

Tackling the Essays/SOP – Best Foot Forward vs Being Caught on the Backfoot

Writing an essay or an SOP can be daunting and worrisome, especially when one is unsure of the best way to approach this critical aspect of the college application process. Your essays and SOP must address personal motivation, goals, academic achievements, and challenges to give a wholesome view of your profile with the correct perspective. The operative word being perspective, in this case!

One of two choices would be to leave an aspect open for the university committee to interpret, such as a backlog, a year lost, a poor grade, lack of project work or such blind spots in your profile. Or, you can provide perspective on the background or the extenuating circumstances that led to being a challenge, academically, professionally or personally, affecting your trajectory.

Also, the essays and the SOP must be engaging, persuasive and rate high on readability to have a measurable impact on the application process. This includes the right mix of the ordering of ideas, active voice, affect vs effect, and grammar, tone, inflexion, syntax, all of which contribute to the making of a winning SOP and essays.

The Application – Keep it Simple

Most universities have a simple application process, which mandates the submission of documents like the academic resume, academic transcripts, a Statement of Purpose, and details to be filled in that are categorized as personal, academic, financial, disclosures etc. These details have to be filled out accurately and factually. Please remember there is no scope for change once you have submitted the form. If you are applying to multiple varsities, it is highly recommended that each application is handled and processed, one at a time. When applying for multiple disciplines, please ensure that the SOP and essays are customized to suit the discipline and aptly portray your profile, highlighting the attributes inherent in your profile advantageously. Also, we recommend a full read of a filled out application form to ensure all the details have been correctly noted and there are no details left missing.

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