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Tips on creating a perfect US college shortlist

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Choosing the right college is possibly the most important choice of your life. Take the time to explore your options so that you find a college that is the ideal fit for your financial, academic, and social needs. Remember to keep an open mind as well. The perfect college for you might be one that isn’t even on your radar yet. *

A college shortlist helps a student to sort out a list of potential colleges, narrow down the selection, and identify schools to further communicate with. Students must select schools that fit their academic backgrounds and needs. This allows them to submit a well-researched and positive application and gives them a better chance of getting an acceptance letter from their dream school.


RESEARCH – It is vital to research some particular aspects, such as the services a specific university provides regarding your likes and needs. Other points to consider are the standout attributes and features of the university, the kind of influence the college and its surrounding communities have to offer, general knowledge about the admission criterion, and comparisons with other similar universities.

THE PERSONAL FIT – You need to resonate with the university on a level where you feel comfortable, connected, and happy. Social media opens up a domain to explore more than just one point; it helps you to see the entirety of whether you will be a perfect fit or not. It is a check to your wish list, with a mix of pictures, videos, et al. that show every side of the campus, the university’s unique community and personality, and an overall display of the life of a current student for you to make the right choice.

SELECTING A COURSE – People generally choose a course that seems esteemed and employable, but you should choose a course you like and are passionate about. Many universities have courses that have similar names but can be very different. It’s pertinent to check out important information on the websites and select a course and university which is a perfect fit for you.

SELECTING A UNIVERSITY – There are all kinds of things you need to consider while selecting a university, such as location, reputation, college culture, course structure, and teaching quality. Think about where you will learn and thrive the most. Which university will help you to become the best version of yourself?

CATEGORIZATION – The predicted chances of getting into a college are pretty tricky. This is when having a structured list is always a good option. After considering the college entry requirements, academic standing, and acceptance rate, you can categorize colleges under reach, target, and safety. Reach colleges have an acceptance rate of 10% to 20%. In target colleges, your scores (SAT/GPA) are equal to 50% of the students who got accepted a year before. Lastly, for safety colleges, your scores (SAT/GPA) are equal to the top 25% of the students who got accepted a year before.

THE LAST STOP – You should start narrowing down colleges once you have an initial list of ten to fifteen. This is when your research game needs to be strong; revisit the websites and look at the course structure. After a thoughtful investigation, shortlisting a college becomes more effortless.


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