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Visa Process Demystified – Canada

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For an international student to study in Canada, one must first apply and gain admission to a full-time course at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) at the post-secondary level.

Eligibility for an International Student to Study in Canada

One can travel to Canada for the purpose of study, pursuant to the fulfillment of certain conditions, such as

  • Have been fully vaccinated.
  • If a minor, there is no mandate for being vaccinated. However, your Designated learning institution (DLI) must have an approved COVID-19 readiness plan.
  • Are enrolled and confirmed admission at a DLI.
  • Have enough money to pay for tuition fees, living expenses for yourself and dependents, if applicable, and return airfare.
  • Valid police verification certificate attesting to a clean record with no criminal antecedents.
  • are in good health and get a medical exam
  • Completed the IM5483 and IMM5818E forms, both applications for a study permit.

Proof of Funds

When applying for a student visa, it is imperative that proof of funds cover every cost and is provided in Canadian dollars. The prospective student must furnish evidence of purchasing a special Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from a participating Canadian financial institution. This certificate must testify to the deposit of CAD 10,000 to cover living expenses for the first year in Canada, aside from evidence of payment for the tuition. Scotiabank, ICICI Bank Canada, HSBC, SBI Canada Bank, and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) are the only participating Canadian financial institutions in India.

Alternatively, you can fulfil the financial requirement by submitting a copy of the receipt for your tuition fee and an Educational Loan sanction letter from an RBI approved list of banks, equivalent to CAD 10,000 as proof of funds.

Immigration Medical Examination (IME) and Biometrics

To qualify for the visa, international students from India have to undergo a compulsory Immigration Medical Examination. Students would have to book an appointment and visit any empanelled doctors for a medical examination within 30 days of submitting the visa application. The empanelled doctor will fill out a medical history questionnaire when in session. Once the exam has been completed, the physician will send the results to the authorities via eMedical or by filling the form, IMM 1017E, which will be valid for 12 months only. Also, biometric fingerprinting is now mandated for all international visa applicants to Canada, and a separate appointment will be given to complete the biometric process.

English Language Proficiency Exam Score

An international student should demonstrate proficiency in English or French, which would be tested through standard tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, PET, etc. This would be mandated for admission to the DLI.

International students seeking a student visa must carry the documents that they have submitted for the visa process at the time of entering Canada. The Immigration officer at the port of entry may ask for physical verification of the said documents before allowing you to enter Canada.

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